Laura Anne Lowery

Laura Anne Lowery is an Associate Professor at Boston University in the Department of Medicine. Beyond that, Laura Lowery has some other major identities as well. Laura is a mother, a sister, an amateur artist, an empath, a life advice-sharer, a divorcee, a motivator, a pet momma, a storyteller, and a former Spartan racer.

When Laura Lowery used to teach undergraduate cell biology classes, one of the most popular features of her classes was the five-minute “life advice” segments that she would share at the beginning of each lecture. After she received requests from former students, Laura now has a website to share additional life advice videos:

The videos are all linked from her youtube channel.

Laura also has a daily blog in which she shares ramblings regarding her continuous journey to become the healthiest version of herself.

Here is a link to Laura Lowery's lab webpage.

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Laura also manages a new website for art created by academics: